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Get to Know Us

    We are the Wilsons, a local ranching family located in Carrizozo, NM. On our ranch it is our goal to raise the beef you eat to have the best flavor with every meal so that all you need to worry about is which recipe to choose. We believe it is our job to be good stewards of the land which involves raising our cattle humanely, keeping the land healthy by good grazing habits, being responsible with our water supply, and maintaining good habitats for the wildlife that make their homes in our pastures. 


Our Beef

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    Our cows spend the majority of their lives happily grazing in wide open pastures and are finished on a grain diet for 120 days to add the marbling, savory flavor, and tenderness that is desired when you eat beef. When you order beef from us you can rest assured that it has been treated humanely throughout the whole process. We are excited to say that the cows we are raising will become beef to feed our community. This actually fuels our reasoning to give them the best possible care. 

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