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-No Antibiotics


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Beef Portions 

Beef portions are currently available to order and can be in your freezer within a week of ordering. This option is a great way to buy quality beef and have a supply of steaks, roasts, and ground beef to feed your family (or just yourself!) for the year. 

What cuts of meat are included in a portion? You will receive such a variety of tender, juicy beef that will be sure to make your weeknight dinners, special occasions, or neighborhood cook-outs a hit! 

-Ground beef

-Skirt steaks

-Rounds Steaks


-Ribeyes, New York Strips, and Tenderloin Filets 

-Chuck roasts, rump roasts, and sirloin tip roasts



Whole beef 

 1/2 beef    

 1/4 beef     

*1/4 beef: $955 (about 130 lbs of meat)

*1/2 beef: $1900 (about 260 lbs of meat)

*1 whole beef : $3700 (about 520 lbs of meat)

* Prices are exact as tax is already included.

* Exact take-home weight may vary slightly as the size of each animal varies.

You can contact us by email by clicking here to place an order or to simply get more information.